Product Photographer In Newport Beach

My studio has all the comforts that you and your loved ones will need. Parking, Bathroom, Fridge, bbq, vanity mirror, restaurants right next door and beauty dome lighting that I bring onto the beach for best possible lighting.



If you have a specific location in mind I will come to your location.



If you would like to shoot at my studio, this is how it works.



1. Everyone shows up at the studio and gets situated.

2. We walk to the beach which is, did I mention ... "footsteps away from the beach"

3. We shoot all the photos that you would like. I would suggest that you make a check list of poses and product placement.


4. After the shoot we go back to the studio where I upload the photos onto my computer for viewing, unless you still want to keep shooting in the studio.


5. You then look through the photos and pick out the photos that you would like to purchase.


6. Once you have picked out your favorites, everyone walks to their favorite restaurant by the pier while I burn a disc of all your favorite photos.


7. After you are done with dinner, you come and pick up your photos.