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In Studio Sitting or On Location Sitting Fee

One Person: On SIte and or In Studio, plus one digital photo $85 per hour.

2 - 4 people: On SIte and or In Studio plus one digital photo $150 per hour.

5 - up Group: On SIte and or In Studio plus one digital photo $185 per hour


Additional photos may be purchased for only $35 each.  

Spend over $300 on photos you will receive color and black and white of all photos taken. If this is your intention, please make sure that Glenn has his camera set both options. 

Spend over $750 on photos and you get all photos taken.


Makeup/Hair Stylist


$150 per person personal hair and make stylist for entire shoot.


Basic Photo Retouching Service
Reduce wrinkles, blemishes, pimples and dark circles on a photo.
$50 per hour

500 Model Cards
UV Coated, 14pt Stock Card, Full Color, 2 Sided

Email to Hollywood Talent Agencies

We will email out your photo to Model and Talent Agencies in Hollywood.


The Glenn Show

Glenn will be your personal photographer in his studio or at a location of your choice for four hours.  This includes all photos taken.


( Travel fee not included in price. )


8 hours of photography services and a DVD of all photos taken.
 $2,500 One Photographer

$3,000 Two Photographers


Commercial Photo Sessions
4 hours of photography services in studio or on location and all photos taken.