Photo Booth 

A Sponsored Event

Located between 23rd and 24th Street, On Balboa Blvd.


Footsteps from the Newport Beach Pier


Complimentary ...

Five pose group portrait sitting at a professional studio in front of a 12’ by 8’ seamless backdrop

One 4” by 6” print.

One 4” by 6” Digital Photo Download decorated with all sponsors logos for all your sharing and winning capabilities.

Gift bag with sponsors giveaways.



After the event we will be placing all the logos from all the sponsors onto the participants photos.  The participants will be able to download and share those photos with all their social media friends.  The participants that get the most likes after a given amount of time, will receive a prize from that sponsor.  Prizes and time given will be up to the sponsor.



Glenn Inskeep Photography

2309 West Balboa Blvd.

Newport Beach, CA 92663



First event will begin Sunday June 22nd 2014 From 12pm to 4pm


Sponsors receive:

Logo on all flyers distributed in Newport Beach.

Logo on all digital photos downloaded off of

Facebook Page Likes from participants and their friends.

Banner Placement at Glenn Inskeep Photography during the event. 

(Sponsors provide their own Banners)



Minors will not be able to participate without parental participation.  In other words, your parents have to be in the photo with you if you are a minor.


Contact Information:

Glenn Inskeep Photography

2309 West Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663


[email protected]


Sponsors Information:


Contact Name:

Company Name:









How many events would you be interested in sponsoring?


A. One event per month for one year at $150 per month.

B. Two events per month for one year at $300 per month.

C. Three events per month for one year at $450 per month.

D. Four events per month for one year at $600 per month.



2. What would you like to give out as a prize?




3. Would you like to add anything to our gift bag.


Free drink ticket

Complimentary sample




5. Please email your logo as soon as you have a chance : )





Thank You for playing!!!! 



Glenn Inskeep