Canvas Backdrop in Studio
On Site with all studio lighting. Using cars and motorcycles that are found on location.

Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach and other rocky beaches.

Glenn Inskeep Scouting out locationsGlenn Inskeep Scouting out locations



Balsa Chica, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach have these beautiful nature reserves for great portraits.Do you have a lo

Beach portraits are a big favorite for everyone.  I bring my entire studio to all locations as you can see here in the "Harbor High Cheerleader Portraits"

This is Glenn Inskeep and his on site photography studio. On Site Photographer Glenn Inskeep will bring the backdrop of your choice to your location.  

Club promotions are a great way to promote your product.  I get 1,000 clicks a day from these promotions.  If you have a product that you want everyone to get to know, have Glenn Inskeep Photography take it on the road to all the hot spots, like night clubs, trade shows, special events, etc. Weddings are a blast, Glenn Inskeep Photography will go on site and shoot any location that you want.

As you can see here, on site photography can have all the styling that studio photography has along with a the on site photography backdrops.