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If you are looking to become fit and in shape then the apple watch if for you. it will help you set goals for yourself and make sure you get the amount of exercise and the nutrition that you need. not only is this watch going to make you loose weight but it will keep you very healthy. It keeps track of your heartbeat and it has a app that will tell you when to inhale and exhale calming you down and keeping you at a good heart rate. This watch will also alert you when somebody is texting or calling you, you could also text them back or even talk to them on your watch. The watch has Siri built in and you can ask it questions or give commands such as “siri set an alarm for 10:30am”.This watch has made my dad s much healthier, he is watching his calories, exercising, and reaching every one of his goals. It is changing his life for the better and it can change yours too.


The phantom 3 is a drone that shoots in 4k and is one of the top selling drones for many reasons for one the drone has amazing handling an it has a controller that lets you see from the drones perspective so that you don't always have to be looking at the drone to see where it is going. You hook up your phone or you tablet to the controller and it streams the footage to your phone. Anything shot one there looks like it would be part of a movie with how high quality it is. Whether you are trying to make content for a video or just wanting to have fun seeing the point of view of a drone hundreds of feet in the air.



Beats are one of if not the best headphone companies and there sound is breathtaking. The wireless beats are amazing, they are winless so they are great for working out or running and they are overall easier to carry around and you don't have to worry about them getting all tangled up.



The pop socket is a handle that goes on the back of your phone. There are many different colors and designs that get put on pop sockets so after clicking the link you can look for you favorite one. The pop socket pops out and pops in thats where it gets its name from  when it pops in it become easy to store in your pocket and it won't get in the way of anything. When  you pop it out you and easily hole it like this.