One of the best ways to be sure you get all the shots you need is to be super prepared. This encompasses taking care of your skin and hair the night before, choosing the right wardrobe, and having each look ready to go before the shoot even starts. If you're prepared with an idea of how you want to look, you will feel more comfortable in your outfit on your shoot.


The night before the shoot, make sure to get plenty of rest. The best makeup artists in the world have trouble covering up the tell-tale signs of a late night. Don't start any crazy new beauty routines or try any new products to which you might be allergic. Also, complete your normal routine with your hair. Getting your hair cut early may work fabulously, but not always. I'm sure everyone has had that sinking feeling after a haircut that doesn't seem quite right.


Ladies, wear your hair as you would to an audition. Natural-looking is much better than over teased, over sprayed, and overdone (unless that's the look you're going for).


Guys, if you have facial hair, shave as you normally would. If sometimes you have a bit of facial hair and sometimes you're clean-shaven, leave it scruffy for the first part of the shoot, and bring a razor to clean it up for the second part. This is a super easy way to get two drastically different looks out of a single shoot.


As for wardrobe, bring a variety of different looks. You should take advantage of my unlimited outfit change sitting. Solid colors with attractive but not too revealing necklines work best.


Men should bring a couple of simple sweaters and/or nice-looking crew-neck options and some button-down options. Ladies should bring a few options with sleeves and a few without. Both men and women should focus on necklines that frame the face—V-necks, for example. Layers are good too.


For both sexes, safe color choices include dark solids. Jewel ones, if not too fussy, can work well for ladies. If you have something you love and want to wear it, by all means bring it.


Make sure that what you bring is clean, pressed, and looking new. Fabrics that are old, worn, or fading will only draw attention away from your beautiful face.