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Mail or email submission


If you cannot meet with us in person or submit online, you may still submit photos. Photos should be current and natural and we prefer non-professional. they can be sent by mail or email. 

Note: Photographs will not be returned.


Attn: Promo Model Studio

Glenn Inskeep Photography

2309 W. Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663


We only respond if we are interested. the following are what you should take: 


1. Headshot straight on 

2. Full length body shot 

3. 3/4 shot straight on 

4. Headshot profiles 



Things to keep in mind - 



1. Do not pose 

2. Shoot with a plain wall or simple background behind you 

3. Wear a swimsuit 

4. Digital photos are best 

5. Keep your hair pulled back 

6. Do not send large photo files 

7. Be as natural as possible - no make up!!! 

8. Make sure to include all your statistics including, age, birth date, height and