When people ask me "Glenn, what's your favorite thing to shoot?"  My answer will always be my projects.
Glenn Inskeep Projects change all the time. I get these crazy ideas.  I hope you like them, I had fun making them, that's for sure.



On this day I took a camera, put it on a tripod with a remote, set my lights up, backdrop on the sidewalk and a huge wad of white seamless backdrop paper.  I wrote on the window something like " over around or through" and some fish.  I like to catch the reactions of people I guess.  Some loved it, some hated it, some laughed and some got scared.  Reactions Rock and if you like to analyze human reaction, then you will love watching these photos.  I found the people with extreme reactions the most fun, angry or silly, it didn't matter.

You can and that would be awesome if you did, buy some of the photos from the project.  I can use the money to do more extreme projects of coarse.  So if you like the idea feeeeeeeeeed it and it will grow basically, lol.




"Don't Pee On My Cheerios"

When ever someone says something negative I always say back, " Don't pee on my cheerios" I believe that everyone should just go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained mentality.  I put it on a sign and waited, at first I said, well that's kind of a negative message.  I decided not to go further with it.  Then I stepped out of my studio and started talking to the guys hanging out in front of "Aurora Restaurant and Lounge".  They seemed a bit tipsy and when I mentioned my idea, they loved it and wanted to be part of it.  So I ran back into the studio all excited.  I grabbed a bowl and spoon for the guy holding the sign and a dish washing detergent squirt bottle for the other guy.  I told the receiver to sit on this chair here in front of my window.  I put the squirt man standing on the chair in front of him.  I then told the squirt man to squirt the bottle into his friends bowl.  As I started snapping the photos I noticed that the receiver was over reacting to the squirt bottle, which meant only one thing.  I don't think he used the squirt bottle.