Prices and Process

Glenn Inskeep Photography


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Prices and Process

Sitting Fee Includes one hour of shoot time with unlimited outfit changes in studio and or on location.  Sitting fee is required in advance for all photo shoots. ( Non-Refundable ) Digital images are sold separately for $35 each. You will receive the purchased images right after the session, bring your laptop or flash drive and I will drag and drop your purchased images into your device, images will also be on where you and all your loved ones can download images, order prints as well as specialty items.  Today's special is receive all digital photos taken for only $850.00


$85 One Hour Sitting Fee For One Individual.


$150 One Hour Sitting Fee For Groups of 2-4 People.


$185 One Hour Sitting Fee For Groups of 5-15 People.


Retouching $10 per photo.



Flash drive $25


Makeup Artist $85



Photo Sitting Process


My photo shoots are about having fun with music, laughter, great vibes, and most of all capturing you at your best. I've photographed everything from campaigns, magazine ads, model cards, family portraits, baby portraits, products and the list goes on. I've spent years in LA working with the top agencies, shooting the most outrageously amazing street photography and now staying connected with much of my LA contacts.



About The Studio


My photography studio is located in Newport Beach, 2309 West Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663 just footsteps from the sand and pier. Not only am I able to shoot in studio, offering a wide range of backdrops and lighting options, I take it outside too. The Beach, the Bay, the Newport Pier are just a few of the beautiful options that are within walking distance from my studio. My studio has Parking, Bathroom, Fridge, vanity mirror, restaurants right next door and beauty dome lighting that I bring onto the beach for best possible lighting.



About Your Photo Session


This is how I like to roll if we shoot at my studio.  If you have a favorite location or you would like me to come you your location I do that too.  I will bring the complete studio to your location and set it up. That being said this is how it works at my studio….



1. Everyone shows up at the studio and gets situated. 2309 West Balboa Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92663


2. We shoot in the studio or we walk to the beach which is "footsteps away from the beach and Newport Beach Pier.” That is totally up to you.  Some people only want to shoot in the studio and some people want to shoot only on the beach and some people want both.


3. We shoot all the photos that you would like. I would suggest that you make a check list of poses that are important to you and you don’t want to forget.


4. After the shoot we go back to the studio where I upload the photos onto my computer for viewing, unless you still want to keep shooting in the studio.


5. You then look through the photos and pick out the photos that you would like to purchase.


6. Once you have picked out your favorites, I put your photos on a flash drive or dvd. Flash drives at the studio are sold separate for $25. You are more than welcome to bring your own or bring your computer and we can drag and drop your purchased photos onto your laptop.


7.Viewings are done at my photography studio in Newport Beach or directly after the photo session, to avoid any extra cost for clients.