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 Portrait Sitting Details


Shoot Details


 1. Everyone shows up at the location of your choice and gets situated.  


2. We then shoot all the photos that you would like. I would suggest that you make a check list of poses and groupings on a piece of paper that are important to you and you don’t want to forget.


 4. After the shoot I upload the photos onto my computer for viewing.


 5. You then look through the photos and pick out the photos that you would like to purchase.


 6. Once you have picked out your photos, I upload them into your own online gallery that you use to order prints and or download digital files. You will receive your gallery of photos within 48 hours after your photo session.




Booking Fee $185

 Your portrait sitting can be quick or up to two hours of shoot time with unlimited outfit changes at any location of your choice.

 This includes individual shots as well as any other kind of grouping that you would like.  You can bring as many as 30 people to your shoot as well.

 After the shoot, we view all the images on my computer. 


Digital images cost ...

"The digital images you've acquired will be placed in an online gallery, allowing you to easily order prints or download your photos."


Ten images $350 

Twenty images $700

All images $850


Call or text Glenn to find out availability 714-609-6334

[email protected]