Step by Step On Getting An Agent.


1. Set up a photo session with Glenn Inskeep Photography.  Call or Text Glenn at 714-609-6334 to set up a shoot.   


2. Picking out wardrobe. 

Athletic look. Pick out a sport that you know and are good at and grab the outfit that you where to play it.

Upscale Casual. Casual dress pants or skirt and button down pastel shirt. 

High Fashion The most expensive and sharpest outfit that you would wear to a special event.

Denim Jeans and a shirt. Pick a shirt that compliments your features.  Keep it simple black, grey or white.

Body Clients will want to know what your body looks like on the beach.  Wear a swimsuit.


3. Setup a Card Design Meeting

Once the photo session is complete.  You will have the photos that you need to put onto your Modeling Card. You and I will sit down and design your card together, with one photo on the front and four photos on the back.  Once the design is complete and you have approved it, I send it out for printing.


4. Set up a Mail Out and Model Card Pick Up

     1. It is really important to see if you can get placed with an agent first. Agents will find you jobs and interviews and that is the hardest part of the industry.  There are over 100 agents out there looking for completely different talent.  You need to find the one the is interested in yours.

     2. I have a list of Hollywood Agents to mail out to. 

            a. You will take your modeling card, resume, introductory letter and put them into an envelope.

            b. You then label them with the agency's address and my return address.

            c. You then put a stamp on and mail it out.


5. Agents call and or Email

When agents call or email, I then forward their information straight to you. After you have interviewed and met with all the agents that have called, you then pick and agent.


6. You are in the industry

     1. Once you are with an agent. You will be going to interviews and showing your portfolio to clients and leaving your model card with clients.

      2. Your agent will also be using your model card digitally and and print form to submit you for modeling jobs.

      3. You can also use your digital and print version of your model card for people that you happen  to bump into, that "say" they have a modeling or acting job for you.  When you hand them a card, they will contact me or your agent for filtering.