Pro Photographer 20 Yrs exp. Started as a Fashion Model, traveled the world, working with Fashion & Commercial Photographers. Studied Pros working with lighting, framing & communication. Had jobs Modeling for Ralph Lauren, Bruce Weber, Coca Cola, Richard Noble, Millers Outpost, De Beers Diamonds, etc. Started shooting Models for Agents, that led to Boudoir Portraits, Engagement Portraits, Maternity Portraits, Baby Portraits, Children Portraits, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, Graduation Portraits, Commercial Photography, Fashion Photography, Celebrities, etc. Have had a studio in Orange County footsteps from The Newport Beach Pier & all my favorite surf spots for 8 yrs now. Father of 3 awesome kids!


More Shoot Details



If you have a favorite location or you would like me to come you your location I do that too.  I will bring the complete studio to your location and set it up.


That being said this is how it works at my studio….


1. Everyone shows up at the studio and gets situated.

2. We shoot in the studio or we walk to the beach which is "footsteps away from the Newport Beach Pier.” That is totally up to you.  Some people only want to shoot in the studio and some people want to shoot only on the beach and some people want both.


3. We shoot all the photos that you would like. I would suggest that you make a check list of poses that are important to you and you don’t want to forget.


4. After the shoot we go back to the studio where I upload the photos onto my computer for viewing.


5. You then look through the photos and pick out the photos that you would like to purchase.


6. Once you have picked out your photos, I put your photos on a flash drive and you walk with it right after the shoot.


7.Viewings are done directly after the photo session.