Photographer Newport Beach Orange County Photography Studio Photographer for on site and in studio portrait photography. Family portraits, headshots, engagement portraits, maternity portraits, pregnancy portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits, children portraits, commercial advertising portraits for websites and marketing business, modeling portfolio photo sessions, Graduation portraits, senior portrait and annual portraits. I use onsite professional top of the line lighting for all my shoots. We can shoot in the studio and or we can shoot portraits at the beach. You get to view and purchase your photos right after your photo session.


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About Glenn Inskeep Photography


I started out as a fashion model for LA Models and took up photography right away.  I fell in love with the art of photography.  I was lucky enough to model all over the world and learn from amazing photographers.  I would take the money earned from the modeling and buy the light modifiers, lenses and cameras that my mentors where using.  My agencies would have me shoot the modeling portfolios of the new models coming into the agency as well.  Modeling and shooting models all over the world was my life for quite a while.  Here are some of my old model photos I will share for fun throw backs.


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About Photo Sessions


1. Everyone shows up at the studio and gets situated. 


2. We shoot in the studio or we walk to the beach which is "footsteps away from the Newport Beach Pier.” That is totally up to you.  Some people only want to shoot in the studio and some people want to shoot only on the beach and some people want both. If we are shooting on the beach don’t forget to wear flip flops.


3. We then shoot all the photos that you would like. I would suggest that you make a check list of poses and groupings on a piece of paper that are important to you and you don’t want to forget.


4. After the shoot we go back to the studio where I upload the photos onto my computer for viewing on the big screen tv.


5. You then look through the photos and pick out the photos that you would like to purchase.


6. Once you have picked out your photos, I upload them into your own online gallery that you use to order prints and or download digital files.


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“Above Jacks Surfboards footsteps from the beach.”


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