Here are some useful tips in to help your child prepare for an audition and give them the best shot at booking the job!

1. Talk to your child in advance about the audition product, especially if it is a commercial. If your child has an audition for a mayonnaise brand, then you can be sure the casting director will ask your child if they like mayonnaise. Ask them this question BEFORE going on the audition. It will be a waste of everyone’s time to have your child scrunch up their face in disgust and say, "NO." Talk to your child about what foods they eat with mayonnaise. The child who books this job will be the one who walks in the room and says “I LOVE MAYONNAISE!!!! I eat it on sandwiches and French fries and veggies and I even tried eating on a cookie once!! Every client is looking for the person with enthusiasm for their product.

2. Connect with the casting director. Usually upon walking into the room, the casting director will ask your child a question or two to see their personality. Practice questions in the car on the ride to the audition. How was school today? “School was so fun! I made a volcano in science class, and I played volleyball in gym, and I had a math test. But I don’t think I did too well. I got a 95 on my spelling test though!” is a lot better answer than “OK.” Your child is showing their personality and that they are not shy or introverted.

3. Remind your child to have fun! Smiling, happy relaxed kids are the kids who work. When they come out of the room, hug them. Tell them did a great job and go have some ice cream. Every person in this business hears more no’s than yes’s. Keep the whole experience fun, and don’t dwell on what they could or should have done and said. Auditioning should be a positive experience, and it’s your job as parents to keep it positive and fun.