My names Jonathan James Bennett!

I’m a real estate professional at Keller Williams Laguna Niguel/Laguna Beach. Originally from Sydney, Australia, I moved to the US when I was 10 with my family. When I arrived, I was simply stunned by California, the lifestyle, and all that came with it! We moved to Laguna Niguel which is where I’ve resided since the move! I began to grow my passion for home sales and real estate in general at an early age! My parents flipped homes all my life as I was growing up, as I got older I would see these gorgeous areas and homes in Southern Orange County and wonder, how could I get involved? So I began to grow curious, really curious! Fast forward 15+ years and here I am, lucky enough to sell homes here in beautiful Laguna Niguel & surrounding cities. I know South OC like the back of my hand. I thoroughly enjoy real estate and helping others. It’s a blessing to share the memories with my clients, and to be able to see them enjoy it just as much as I do to live in such an amazing area! I don’t work with any pushy sales tactics, my Broker and I work in a direct and upfront manor with no gray areas. I work for a very prominent Broker/CPA in Laguna Niguel. We were the #1 team in sales volume and units sold for Laguna Niguel 2016, out of all teams and agents locally! *Fact from OCAR (Orange County Association of Realtors) If you’re ever looking to buy or sell a home, please feel free to reach out and contact me directly.

Our team did 75 home sales last year, and this year 28+ so far. This year in 2017 almost all of the homes we have listed ended up selling in 30 days or less at full price or above asking, the market is great right now! Always here to give our professional opinion! With a team of 6 agents, there’s no task too big for us! We also offer free staging, photography, and much more! Being so grounded in the area we hear of listings before they hit the market and will have a handful of private sales on us at all times! Servicing Irvine South, you can ensure your real estate needs will be taken care of in a professional manor that is unparalleled to the competition! Selling our homes at 99.8% list price, our track record speaks for itself, and our clients reviews do to! I can give you the link to our sites on the web, yelp, ect.. First time home buyer? Downsizing? Upsizing? Relocating? Just want to know what your home is worth? Give us a call, we would greatly appreciate it and will make the process simple, easy, and stress free because after all .. that’s what we’re hired to do, along with save you or make you the most amount of money!

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Realtor Photographer Newport Beach Photography StudioRealtor Photographer Newport Beach Photography StudioRealtor Photographer Newport Beach Photography Studio



These Belts are great! When I get dressed in the morning I love to have a couple of these belts in the closet. My favorite thing about them is that they’re reversible and come in multiple colors! You always have a black side and you simply switch it around to the color of your choosing if you so desire. Having such an awesome belt is fun to mix and match with different tie and shirt combos! I constantly get compliments on the combinations! Also, the belt is comfortable and sits snug regardless of your size. You seriously need at least one of these in your closet, and not to mention the price point is very aggressive compared to other belts that are similar in style! Lastly, the buckle itself looks great and in my opinion much more eye catching than a standard latch, while perfect for every occasion! Check it out! The blue one is my personal favorite!


Being a full time real estate agent here in beautiful Southern Orange County I go into a lot of homes! Constantly having to take my shoes on and off simply got tiring! The solution?

These slip on shoes from Calvin Klein! They're super comfortable, no wasting time with tying shoes! Just slip them on and go, they look great with any pair of pants! The pants simply fall onto the shoe, opposed to other shoes where the pant leg gets distressed and can wrinkle up, looking odd! I wore the shoes in the shoot above because they're extremely comfortable and look fantastic due to a shiny yet subtle emboss finish. Some loafers have a look as if they're trying too hard, these you can wear with jeans and a button up, or to a meeting with a client. Multiple uses, which ultimately means more bang for your buck! Great durable leather, I door knock for hours daily in these loafers and they've yet to let me down! Try them out, you wont be disappointed! You have my word!(: 



The Rastaclat! Not everyone can afford to buy a nice watch, and if you're like me sometimes you don't want to worry about scratching/damaging your watch, or maybe you just don't want to wear a watch today. Yet, most people love to wear something on their wrist that shows personality and can compliment their outfit. The Rastaclat is the simple answer! There's a countless amount of colors the Rastaclat comes in, you can even get genuine leather! They have gold and black ones that look great for dressy occasions! It shows that you have a little more personality than the rest! The Rastaclat tradition is all about spreading positive vibrations one wrist at a time. It's the belief that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence, and unite us as human beings! I'm a firm believer in positivity and looking good while spreading the good vibes! Check them out, the prices are great and I'm wearing mine as I'm typing! Ive had the Fire Red bracelet for 6 months, simply no wear and tear! Its a must have! Great for any occasion! 

Check it out in my photos above!



Tie Clips! I cant stress enough how important my tie clip is to me! I know it sounds silly but honestly when I wake up in the morning I will not leave my house without one of these tie clips on! Tie clips are simply an essential to maintaining a clean, sharp look. I never used to wear one but once I bought a set of these I was converted! Whats the point of wearing a tie if it looks silly and isn't straight? Its not like your pants or shirt are loose when dressing dapper! So this is equally as important, in the photo above you can see I jumped in the air and the tie remains in line with the outfit, making a great shot! Its simply how a tie is supposed to be worn, and not to forget it adds a classy touch to your outfit as if every detail matters, which it does! Mix and match with different designs and make this a first on the list after a CK tie of course!


This is hands down one of my favorite ties! Calvin Klein ties really pull together a nice pant & shirt combo, with or without a jacket. The plaid design they use is simply enticing and makes it easy to throw together some great color combinations with shirts! CK has endless colors to choose from such as green, blue, purple ect. I love the grey, black, and white because it goes with almost anything for any dressy occasion! The ties are also very well made and are 100% silk so they are very smooth to the touch, big hit with the ladies! As shown in one of the photos above on the beach, I was wearing the black, gray, & white CK tie, the way the sun catches the silk plaid pattern is unmatched, the sun really does reflect off this tie, just looks super sharp! Complements through the roof on these CK plaid ties!



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