Ambika Iris comes from a small ski town in northern Montana. She has always been drawn to performing arts including dancing, singing, music, hula hooping, and stage drama. Growing up in the boonies, with limited recreational activities readily available, she and her brother began making movies as a form of entertainment. Her interest in film evolved from backyard horror films and Saturday night live type parodies to reports and school projects and then later to producing and staring in films at local film festivals. She won a Montana State acting performance award. This passion would eventually take her to L.A. but she wanted to spread her wings and see a bit of the world first. Ambika Iris attended a Folk Acting school in Norway. Then traveled to Hawaii, India, and Central America where she attended a variety of dance and yoga trainings. She is certified to teach both Zumba and Yoga. These travel experiences have given her some depth and perspective to add to her characters. She attended Film School in Vancouver, Canada. And now has finally arrived in L.A. where she is ready to take the next step and dive into her acting career. Ambika just signed on with MGM Talent Agency. And has been performing as a fire dancer and hula hooper for private events. She also currently is working with a producer on releasing an upbeat, worldly, hip hop style album. For this young lively chicka, it has only begun.